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Arax Disk Doctor Data Recovery v3.1.036 скачать бесплатно.

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Хотите скачать Arax Disk Doctor Data Recovery v3.1.036 бесплатно? Нет проблем, Мы позаботились о том, чтобы Вы могли скачать Arax Disk Doctor Data Recovery v3.1.036 торрент и множество других полезных файлов без регистрации и смс.
Cкачать Arax Disk Doctor Data Recovery v3.1.036 бесплатно теперь очень легко благодаря нашему порталу, мы не пропускаем ни одной новинки!!!

Arax Disk Doctor Data Recovery v3.1.036

Данная программа восстанавливает файлы с поврежденных и форматированных разделов, и восстанавливает потерянные или удаленные разделы, заново составляя лейблы разделов. ARAX Disk Doctor также включает несколько эффективных функций восстановления данных, такие как: восстановление с RAID-1 – RAID-5 дисков, обычных и динамичных дисков и с EFS защищенных папок.

ARAX Disk Doctor is a data recovery software which has a wide range of capabilities for:
1. Hard Drive Data Recovery:
Hard drive data recovery is the process of recovering lost data from damaged, failed and inaccessible storage devices when it cannot be accessed normally.

If data has been accidentally deleted there are normally ways to recover it. When a file is deleted or removed from the recycle bin, the data is not gone. Before the data is overwritten, there is a good chance the data can be recovered by using data recovery software. Data Recovery utilities use logical data recovering to restore the data.

Hard drive data recovery software programs play a major role in recovering hard drive data. A good hard drive data recovery program can recover all the important files or folders which vanish after partition loss, accidental format, file or directory deletion, software malfunction or even a virus attack. Whether you accidentally delete the files or your computer crashes, data recovery software can locate the lost files and recover them from your hard drive.

When data loss occurs, a data recovery tool is especially useful in any of the cases such as:
Missing file or directory
Formatted hard drive
Deleted file or directory
Unbootable hard drive
Inaccessible hard drive
Recovery of deleted files and folders on FAT and NTFS hard drive or partitions
Data recovery on damaged FAT and NTFS partitions
Damaged or corrupted partition table

2. File Recovery:
ARAX Disk Doctor allows you to recover data, restore deleted files or damaged folders. Applying scrupulous search algorithms, the application can detect deleted files, even on formatted partitions. In its simplest concept, data recovery consists of these steps:
Scanning a data storage device for a deleted partition (in the case of a deleted partition).
Scanning a logical drive or a detected partition surface for file or folder entries.
Browsing to select specific files or folders (using Recovery Explorer or by applying a search).
Files recovery, folders recovery, or partitions recovery.

With ARAX Disk Doctor, you have the option to use the Recover Files and Folders Wizard to step you through the data recovery process. Through self-guided steps, more advanced users can execute each step applying different options to alter the results.

File Recovery — Recovering Selected Files and Folders

You can recover files and folders that you have found in the Recovery Explorer or in the Search Result pane.

To start the recovery process:
Select a file or folder or a group of files or folders to be recovered.
Open the Data Recovery Wizard using one of the methods below:
Click Recover in the toolbar
From the File menu, click Recover
The Data Recovery Wizard appears. Follow the instructions in this wizard to recover selected files and folders.

3. Partition Recovery:

Partition Recovery — Restore Partition Wizard

ARAX Disk Doctor — Data Recovery software includes Restore Partition Wizard for quick partition recovery to help you to detect and restore deleted or damaged partitions.

The Restore Partition Wizard guides you through three processes:
Detecting deleted or damaged partitions.
Analyzing the content of a detected partition and optionally modify its geometry.
Restoring the partition.

To start partition recovery wizard do one of the following:
From the Wizards menu, click Restore Partitions
Select Wizards in the Command Bar and click Restore Deleted Partitions

When the Restore Partition Wizard starts for the first time, the first screen describes the process. Clear the Show this dialog next time? check box to avoid seeing this screen the next time you run this wizard.

To run the partititon recovery wizard, follow the steps below:
Data Storage Devices. A list of available local devices appears here. You may choose the selected default option — 'Scan all disks' or choose 'Scan selected disks only' to select a physical data storage devices (hard disk drive, USB flash card, etc.) where you suspect a deleted partition is located.
Click Next for more options or click Scan Devices to start a scan with default scan options.
Device Scan Options. You can select Use Default Scan Options, or set up your own configuration of device scan options. A description of the custom scan options follows:
Search for partitions — Specify which type or types of partition (File System) is about to be scanned. Select the Any check box to detect all types of partitions.
Skip detected partition area — After a partition has been detected, you have the option to keep scanning the detected partition area or to skip to the next sector where the detected partition ends. When this check box is clear, ARAX Disk Doctor scans the detected partition for other lost or corrupted structures and takes more time to perform this task. Select this check box to skip to the next sector and reduce the time to perform this task.
Scan every sector — Select this check box for the most complete scan of the device. ARAX Disk Doctor scans every device sector for partition signatures.
Use Low Level Scan – There are two methods of scanning a device. Clear this check box to perform a detailed analysis of data storage structures. Select the check box to take much more time and perform a deeper analysis of the device sectors; the result of this scan recovers damaged areas as accurately as possible
Ignore all bad sectors – Select this check box to ignore bad (unclear) sectors on the drive. Clear this check box to receive a message each time ARAX Disk Doctor finds a bad sector.
After all options have been set, click Next.
Device Scan Area. Define an area to inspect for detection of deleted or damaged partitions.
You can select:
Scan only unallocated area
All unallocated areas on the disk will be scanned with this option. All partitioned areas will be skipped. If a partition has been deleted and no other partitions were created on top of it, you need to scan the Unallocated space. This has the effect of narrowing down the scan region by specifying boundaries of the Unallocated region.
Scan entire disk surface
Use this option to scan the entire disk, if you are not sure of the location of the lost partition.
Scan selected area
This option is available if only one device is selected to scan for deleted partitions. With this option, drag and drop the boundary markers or enter the start and end sectors in the appropriate fields to define a particular region of a disk to scan.
Click Scan Device to start scanning the disk surface. A progress screen appears. You can click Stop! to stop the process at any time.
If a partition is found, a message box appears. If the partition parameters look similar to the parameters of a partition that you know to be deleted or damaged, click Yes to accept the partition.
Detected Partitions — After the scanning process is complete, you can view a list of all partitions found. At this point, you may choose to analyze the content of the partition.
After the disk scan is complete, all detected partitions found on the scanned surface are displayed. Partition parameters such as file system type, start sector and size are displayed as well.
If you are not sure whether a particular found partition contains your lost data, close the Restore Partition Wizard and inspect the partition data (files and folders) using Recovery Explorer. You can restore the detected partition in Recovery Explorer by right-clicking the item and selecting Restore from the context menu.
Confirm Partition Restoration Options Review all the parameters of the detected partition. If you are satisfied with the parameters, click Restore! A progress partition recovery screen appears.
After the selected partition has been restored, a confirmation message appears. It is advisable to restart Windows to be able to access the partition's data.
Important !
In some cases after restarting, the partition may have been restored successfully, however the drive might not appear in the list of drives in Windows Explorer. In this case, the Windows operating system has not assigned the proper drive letter to the logical drive.
To fix this problem:
From the Windows Start button, open Control Panel, then double-click Administrative Tools. In the Administrative Tools window, double-click Computer Management. The Computer Management Console appears.
In the Storage tree node, click Disk Management.
Select a proper storage disk (HDD, USB drive, etc.) in the list of storage devices (Disk 0 in the example below). You will see all partitions and logical drives located on the selected storage disk.
Right-click the restored partition (or logical drive) that has an invalid drive letter. From the context menu click Change Drive Letter and Paths... .
In the dialog either Add... a new drive letter from the list of available ones, or Change... an existing drive letter.
After this dialog is closed, your partition should appear in Windows Explorer with the assigned letter. No machine reboot is required in this case.

4. RAID Data Recovery:

ARAX Disk Doctor virtually re-creates Spanned, Mirrored (RAID-1), Stripped (RAID-0) and RAID-5 Volumes. RAID Data Recovery software supports:
Hardware RAID, including IBM, Compaq, Dell, Adaptec, AMI, etc.
Software RAID, including Windows Servers including 2K, XP, NT.

Possible reasons for RAID data recovery:Accidental deletion of files
Accidental reformatting of drives
Array reformatting
Accidental reformatting of partitions
Accidental replacement of media components
Bad sectors
Controller failure
Controller malfunction
Corrupted files
Corrupted RAID
Damaged files or folders
Data corrupted
Directory corruption
Employee sabotage or deletions. FAT corruption
Firmware corruption (Controller)
Hard disk drive component failure
Hard drive crashes (RAID-5)
Hard drive failure (RAID-5)
Head crash (RAID-5)
Inaccessible drives and partitions
Inaccessible drives or partitions
Intermittent drive failure
Mechanical failure (RAID-5)
Media damage (RAID-5) MFT corruption
Missing partitions
Overwritten RAID settings
Partition Table related corruption
RAID configuration corruption
RAID controller failure
RAID corruption
RAID disk failure
RAID incorrect configuration
Unbootable system
Virus attack or virus infection
Virus corruptions and deletions

If you have a corrupted RAID configuration and one or more drives in the array are damaged, you can combine the healthy drives together with the damaged drives in a virtual disk array. If the damaged drives are inaccessible, you can substitute a "dummy" drive as a replacement. ARAX Disk Doctor simulates the RAID assembly and you can scan this virtual array as a logical device.

The Virtual Disk Array Wizard will guide you through the process of assembling together the parts of a corrupted RAID disk array. To start this wizard, do one of the following:
Select Wizards in the Command Bar and select the Recover From Damaged RAID item
From the Wizards menu, select the Create Virtual Array item

After the wizard opens, follow the instructions provided.

You may need to refresh the Recovery Explorer tree to see a newly-created device. To do this, from the View menu, select Refresh or press the F5 key on the keyboard.

If you complete the Virtual Disk Array Wizard and the new device is inaccessible, repeat the wizard steps with a different sequence of disks and geometry settings.

5. Photos Recovery:

ARAX Disk Doctor — photo recovery software restores your lost photos, files, and data, from: CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, Zip disks, Floppy disks, Hard drives, and all other media.
Recover lost or deleted digital images
Preview images in original size
Create disk image for backup
View image properties

With ARAX Disk Doctor you can recover graphic files that you have found in the Recovery Explorer or in the Search Result pane.To start the recovery process:
Select a file or folder or a group of files or folders to be recovered.
Open the Data Recovery Wizard using one of the methods below:
Click Recover in the toolbar
From the File menu, click Recover
The Data Recovery Wizard appears. Follow the instructions in this wizard to recover selected files and folders.

In addition, this all-in-one data recovery tool contains a HEX Editor, that allows the viewing and editing of bytes within a file or directly on a disk or Virtual Drive.

In ARAX Disk Doctor's user-friendly interface, you can navigate through local data storage devices using familiar Explorer-like controls. For performing complicated tasks such as data recovery, partition restoring and file searching, ARAX Disk Doctor provides Wizards that guide you through simple data recovery steps.

Data Recovery Software Features:
Data recovery from all Windows file systems: FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS Encrypted Folders, etc.
Data recovery from NTFS Encrypted Folders (EFS).
Recovery of lost data from deleted or damaged partitions.
File recovery on hard disk drives: IDE, ATA, SATA, SCSI
Data recovery on flash memory cards: Compact Flash, Sony MemoryStick, Secure Digital, etc.)
Data Recovery from damaged, deleted, formatted or reformatted partitions
Data recovery of compressed, fragmented and encrypted files on NTFS partitions
Recovery of partitions lost by virus attack
Recovery of partitions with damaged Master Boot Record (MBR)
Virtual RAID Disk Array Reconstruction (RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-5, Spans)
USB Hard drives and other removable devices are supported
Dynamic Disk Volumes are supported
National language characters in the filenames are supported
Advanced search by file name, file date, mask, size range and attributes
Visible representation of file or folder recoverability
Ability to preview file's contents before the recovery
Disk Hex Editor displays and allows to edit content of any sector on the drive
Two types of drive and device scan: Simple Drive Scan (fast) and Advanced Drive Scan (slow)
Ability to look for a particular partition type (FAT, NTFS) in the Advanced Device Scan
Files and folders can be recovered to any (local or network) drive accessible by operating system
Create and work with raw and Compressed Disk Images — representing whole drive in one file
Virtual Editing of any drive's parameters to perform data recovery in manual mode
Save and Load Advanced scan results
Modify the properties of existing, found or virtual partitions.

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows XP Home
Windows XP x64
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2003 x64
Windows 2000
Windows NT
Windows ME
Windows 98

Advanced RAID Features
Virtually re-creates Spanned, Mirrored (RAID-1), Stripped (RAID-0) and RAID-5 Volumes
Supports Hardware and Software RAIDs

Uninstaller is included
Installation is signed with Authenticode signature and thus protected
Personalized software package including registration information is available for download immediately after purchase.

User Interface Features
Easy to use explorer style user interface
Multiple Data Views for different purposes
Search Bar simplifies locating of deleted data
Wizards help to perform tasks more efficiently. Files and Folders Recovery Wizard, Restore Partition Wizard, Scan Logical Drive Wizard, Scan Data Storage Wizard, Advanced Search Wizard, RAID Wizard, Create Disk Image Wizard, Open Disk Image Wizard, Verify Disk Image Wizard are included.
The Recovery Explorer, the Application Log and the Properties View simplify the recovery of multiple files located in different folders.
File Preview allows you to view the contents of an image file
Context Help, Command Bar and Menus
Complete interactive help file includes "How to..." and "Application Wizards" sections
E-mailing technical support for problem resolution is available directly from the program

ОС: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
Язык: English
Лекарство: в архиве
Размер: 5 Мб

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