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Ableton Suite v8.1.3 (2010г) AiRISO скачать бесплатно.

Новость добавил: kakbytak в: 05:28 30-04-2010 | Просмотров: 497 | Комметариев: 0

Хотите скачать Ableton Suite v8.1.3 (2010г) AiRISO бесплатно? Нет проблем, Мы позаботились о том, чтобы Вы могли скачать Ableton Suite v8.1.3 (2010г) AiRISO торрент и множество других полезных файлов без регистрации и смс.
Cкачать Ableton Suite v8.1.3 (2010г) AiRISO бесплатно теперь очень легко благодаря нашему порталу, мы не пропускаем ни одной новинки!!!

Ableton Suite v8.1.3 (2010г) AiRISO

Название: Ableton Suite
Разработчик: Ableton
Дата выпуска: 22.04.2010
Версия: 8.1.3
Платформа: PC
Релиз-группа: AiR
Таблетка: не требуется
Размер: 1.47 GB

Описание продукта:
Ableton Suite 8.1.3 - Профессиональный программный секвенсор с полным набором виртуальных инструментов и звуковых библиотек (Sampler, Operator, Electric,Tension, Analog, Session Drums, Drum Machines и EIC)

Что нового в версии 8.1.3: (Описание на Анг.яз.)

Live 8.1.3 adds support for the Akai APC20 and Novation Remote SL MKII controllers.
On some systems, Live will start-up faster.
It's now easier to report problems, via the "Report a bug..." option in Live's Help menu.
Manuals, lessons and software texts are now available in Italian.

Crashes and corrupted Sets
- A rare crash could occur when clip envelopes were visible for a newly-recorded clip on a track in which a clip had previously been deleted.
- A crash could occur when changing the Driver Error Compensation amount while recording in a loop. (viewtopic.php?p=1052150#p1052150)
- Dragging a file from iTunes into Live would crash Live if the path to the file could not be resolved.
- A crash could occur when moving a track in a Set that contained no Return tracks. (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=132874&start=70)
- A crash could occur when opening the Max editor if the installed version of Max was too old to be used with Max for Live.
- A crash could occur when deleting all Return tracks while the APC40 was enabled. (viewtopic.php?f=25&t=133156)
- A MIDI controller in Mackie Control mode could be used to route an ungrouped audio track to a Group Track, which could cause a crash. (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=133754&p=1057147#p1057147)
- Copying clips from tracks containing Max for Live devices which send getpath to live.object on a loadbang would crash Live.
- In a very rare situation, undoing after a particular combination of Sampler parameter changes could crash Live.
- A crash could occur when loading Sets (or copying tracks within a Set) while using certain Audio Units plug-ins. (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=133868)
- A crash could occur when selecting "Collect All and Save" when the Set contained specific Max for Live devices.
- A crash could occur when selecting non-adjacent tracks from an unfolded Set in Live's Browser and dragging them into the currently open Set.
- A crash could occur when extracting the groove from a MIDI clip if that groove had Quantize set to 100.
- A crash could occur when opening a template Set that contained missing frozen samples.
- Undoing while dragging clips or devices could crash Live.
- Moving a scene that contains playing MIDI clips that are within a follow action group while recording could crash Live.
- In rare cases, Arturia Analog Factory could produce invalid audio output, which could cause a crash on Windows. Live will no longer crash in this situation but you will not hear audio from the plug-in if it occurs. We are working with Arturia to solve this.
- A crash could occur when starting Live the first time after deleting Live's Preferences folder without deleting its Database folder.
- A crash could occur when running Live as a ReWire slave and loading a Live Set with MIDI-mapped Track Launch buttons.
- A crash could occur when moving a Group Track that is routed to the input of another track.
- In rare cases, drag-and-dropping Live's instruments onto each other could crash Live.
- A crash could occur when creating a Return Track via keyboard shortcut while moving another track with the mouse.
- In rare cases, searching in the Plug-In Device Browser could crash after toggling "Use Audio Units" on and off.
- Certain characters in folder names were incorrectly read by Live, which could cause corrupt Live Sets.
- In rare cases, crashes could occur when Hot-Swapping grooves.
- A crash could occur when dragging extremely short samples onto Looper.
- On Windows, pressing the Dump button to upload a controller preset to an Akai MPK49 selected as a controller surface via a DirectMusic MIDI port would crash Live.
- If the computer crashed while a Live Set was being saved, the Set could be corrupted.
- A crash could occur when playing back or selecting an audio clip that has had very specific groove settings applied and then been reversed.
- A crash could occur when committing a groove to multiple audio clips simultaneously if the clips were exactly identical and with identical warp markers.
- A crash could occur when dragging a Live clip (.alc) onto another Live clip if the two .alcs contain Drum Racks with Return chains containing slightly different devices.
- In rare cases, a crash could occur when opening a Set from the list of recently opened Sets. (viewtopic.php?f=25&t=139808)
- A crash could occur when changing the monitor state of an audio track that is selected together with a Group track containing a MIDI track. (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=139330)
- A crash could occur while logging out of Windows while Live was running.

MIDI Controllers and External Devices
- MIDI/Key mapping the title bar of devices within Racks would not work properly.
- When recording a clip in Session View, the APC40 would not flash red to reflect the state of the clip. (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=133155)
- When using multiple APC40 and/or APC20 controllers simultaneously, the Exclusive Arm and Exclusive Solo options would not work properly.
- Holding certain combinations of buttons on the APC40 could cause scrolling to become stuck. (viewtopic.php?f=25&t=130824)
- The Launchpad would sometimes not correctly show a clip's playback state if the clip was within a Group Track that was folded and the Arrangement View was visible.
- The APC40 could become unresponsive when using Sets containing device presets that had umlauts in their names.
- The tempo could not be changed when Live was synced to an external device using MIDI timecode (MTC).

- Automation errors could occur when copying clips within tracks containing Audio Units plug-ins.
- Audio Units plug-ins with variable views could not be resized properly.
- Mapping certain parameters of some Audio Units plug-ins to Live's assignable X-Y control would not work properly.
- Graphical errors could occur in the mixer when dropping instruments onto empty MIDI tracks.
- When moving the insertion mark with the computer arrow keys, the view would not scroll.
- Dragging the same audio clip into a Set multiple times could result in some of the clips having no visible transients.
- Moving Sampler's loop parameters via arrow keys or via mouse would not always be undoable.
- Audible clicks could occur when the Chorus device's activator was mapped to a Macro knob. (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=133408)
- In certain cases, deleting devices from a track could cause another track to become selected.
- Some registry entries in Windows 7 could cause problems with decoding mp3 files.
- Automation errors could occur when recording frozen Session View clips into the Arrangement View.
- In rare cases, copying and pasting a selection of clips in the Arrangement would place the new clips in the wrong tracks.
- Dragging a Session View clip to the Arrangement View while the clip was recording would create a very long clip in the Arrangement.
- The OK button was not selected by default in the Quantize dialog. (viewtopic.php?p=971914)
- In some cases, replacing a sample by dropping a different one onto it in the File Manager would retain the transients of the original sample.
- In Sets containing a very large number of tracks, it was sometimes not possible to select a track by clicking its header in the Session View.
- It was not possible to save a Simpler preset if the Simpler contained a sample that had no name.
- Navigation between clip slots via arrow keys wouldn't work properly if a Group Track slot was selected.
- At very high Zoom amounts, the splash screen and other windows shown early in the launch process could appear partly off-screen.
- Various other stability improvements

Ableton Suite v8.1.3 (2010г) AiRISOAbleton Suite v8.1.3 (2010г) AiRISO

После установки программы, запустить файл "Authorizelive813.auz"

Системные требования:
1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or Celeron compatible CPU or faster (multicore CPU recommended), 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)

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Ссылка на скачку: Скачать Ableton Suite v8.1.3 (2010г) AiRISO

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